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Violetta is a kids-oriented telenovela that first aired on the Disney Channel Latin America on May 14, 2012. The show is a co-production between Disney Channel Latin America, Disney Channel Europe, Disney Channel Middle East, Disney Channel Africa and Argentine production company Pol-ka Producciones. Violetta features a multinational cast, and tells the story of "Violetta Castillo", a musically talented teenager who returns to her hometown to "find love", and explore her passion for music. The show is shot entirely in Buenos Aires.

After the big reception from the audience in Latin America, Italy, Spain, France and Israel, Violetta wi ll be aired in the rest of Europe, including Russia, Central Europe, East Europe, Africa and The Caribbeans.


  • Martina Stoessel as Violetta Castillo
  • Jorge Blanco as León
  • Pablo Espinosa as Tomás Heredia (season 1)
  • Diego Domínguez as Diego Hernández (season 2)
  • Mercedes Lambre as Ludmila Ferro
  • Lodovica Comello as Francesca Caviglia
  • Candelaria Molfese as Camila Torres
  • Facundo Gambandé as Maxi Ponte
  • Nicolás Garnier as Andrés
  • Alba Rico as Natalia Vidal
  • Valeria Baroni as Lara (season 2)
  • Xabiani Ponce De León as Marco Tavelli (season 2)
  • Simone Lijoi as Luca Caviglia (season 1)
  • Samuel Nascimento as Broduey
  • Rodrigo Velilla as Napo (season 1)
  • Artur Logunov as Braco (season 1)
  • Clara Alonso as Angie Carrará
  • Diego Ramos as Germán Castillo
  • Florencia Benítez as Jade LaFontaine
  • Joaquín Berthold as Matías LaFontaine
  • Mirta Wons as Olga Peña
  • Alfredo Allende as Lisandro Ramallo
  • Rodrigo Pedreira as Gregorio Casal
  • Pablo Sultani as Beto Benvenuto
  • Ezequiel Rodríguez as Pablo Galindo
  • Carla Pandolfi as Esmeralda (season 2)
  • Valentina Frione as Jackie Saenz (season 2)
  • Alberto Fernández de Rosa as Antonio Fernández

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